From Space Game

In From Space Game Embark on a mission to save the Earth from pink aliens. Your target is to destroy the pink alien army. You can play this multiplayer game with your friends & family.

Game Description

From Space: Action shooter multiplayer game and you can play up to four players. Take your friend’s army of four players and save our Earth from pink aliens. Your object is to destroy the pink alien army. Shoot those jelly-type aliens with various types of weapons. Aliens have shapes like electronic devices. They have different shapes like mobile and TV monitors, and they also have shapes of insects like spiders, jumping frogs, etc.

From Space Game Play

Every time your team or you take a mission you will have to face 5 waves of alien army. They feel like soft pink bubblegum but don’t forget that they are lines. From space you can play this game in two modes, one is Horde mode and another is the story mode. Do research on weapons, items, and perks used while combating the aliens. You can upgrade weapons and items by completing and collecting points. Use those collected points to upgrade your weapons. The mission is dangerous if you play alone so get your team and destroy the army of the aliens.

You have multiple missions where you have to secure and defend your strongholds against non-stop alien forces. In Horde mode you and your team if playing with friends deployed to unique locations to complete the missions. In every wave of the pink alien army, it becomes very difficult to survive but you have to win. Otherwise pink pest army will overtake our earth, you are the hero, It’s down to you to save the entire world. Best action shooter game with very fun in every mission. The graphics are very beautiful so you never be bored.

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Developed by: Triangle Studios

Publishers: Curve Games

Genre(s): Action, Survival, Shooter, 1-4 player , Online co-op, Multiplayer

ESRB Rating:

ESRB Rating for this game

Teen (T)

From Space may be suitable for ages 13 and older. The game may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.